Why hiring a multilingual speaker is important

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Multilingual Virtual Assistant

Over 18 percent of the world’s population speaks a language other than English. And, over 40 percent have zero to limited proficiency in it. 

Consider Spanish: approximately 12 percent of the global population speaks Spanish, a figure that is continuously growing.

This is just one example out of the approximately 7,000 languages spoken worldwide. 

It’s one of the reasons why more than 47% of employers believe they need language skills or multilingual speakers to serve both domestic and international markets.

With business dynamics undergoing significant shifts, what do you think? Is it more beneficial to hire an in-house multilingual speaker or to hire virtual assistants? 

We lean towards remote talent. Why? Because it offers cost savings.

While hiring a multilingual speaker in-house might cost you $3,000 per month, hiring a virtual multilingual assistant can cost as little as $18 per hour.

Imagine speaking in the heart of Paris, negotiating in Beijing, and inspiring in Madrid—all without missing a beat. That’s what multilingual virtual assistants do.

7 Reasons to Hire a Multilingual Virtual Assistant

A multilingual virtual assistant at work

Ever wonder what’s keeping your business from becoming the United Nations of commerce? It’s the language barrier! 

A news article by Industry Week reported that 22 percent of manufacturing companies missed out on deals because they couldn’t chat effectively. And that’s just one industry. 

Imagine the global party we’re missing out on just because of the language barrier! 

Client Management

We all know that effective communication is the key to higher retention rates. But did you know having a multilingual speaker can increase your retention rate by up to 31%? 

Bridging the communication gap with clients is one of the important aspects of business today, and you cannot overlook it. 

If you do, sooner or later, you will begin to lose your hard-earned clients. 

Why? Because communication matters! 

If you and your client across borders are always struggling to understand each other’s points during a phone call, they’re likely to hire someone else. Even if that means hiring at a cost higher than yours.

Long-Lasting Partnerships

Being able to speak your client’s language is one thing, but understanding their culture takes your business relationship to another level.

Virtual multilingual assistants are great at this. They help you build stronger, lasting connections.

Mailbox & Appointment Management

Handling emails and appointments in different languages can be a game-changer. Imagine having someone who can communicate with all your clients, regardless of the language they speak.

We had a client in Texas who struggled with this because he only spoke English. Soon after he hired us, we found how he was never informing his patients about their responsibilities, such as copays, deductibles, etc. But now, the tables have turned for him. His revenue flow has soared by up to 40 percent over the last three months, and we are happy for him. 

This is not the only facility; many businesses worldwide are now outsourcing their client communication to virtual assistant companies, and the reason is access to exceptional resources at a fraction of the cost.

Lower Operating Costs

As discussed above, hiring a multilingual speaker is good. But what about hiring a virtual multilingual speaker? It is ideal! 

Think about not having to pay for workers’ compensation benefits or health insurance. Great, right? Plus, with multilingual virtual assistants, you don’t have to pay for equipment either. 

No seat cost, no holidays, and no in-house drama. Just exceptional remote support!

Zero Training Required

If you hire an in-house multilingual expert, you are likely to spend at least a month training them on your operations. 

But hiring a virtual multilingual management assistant is a breeze. You don’t have to worry about training them; a dedicated project manager is there to do that. 

With 60 million of the US population speaking a language other than English, all you need to do is focus on your core operations. 

The speaking tasks can be taken care of by your virtual multilingual team.

Better Sales

A CSA research revealed that 74 percent of customers are likely to shop if they receive customer support in their native language. 

This means speaking to your clients in the language they are comfortable with opens doors to more opportunities. And for you, more opportunities mean more business.

Not only this, a comfortable and hassle-free client experience results in referrals, giving you a chance to acquire leads from a global audience. 

So, in one way or another, hiring a multilingual speaker for your business is always a win-win situation.

Data-Driven Decisions

Speaking to your prospects and clients not only supercharges your sales but also helps you understand your clients better.

The more you understand your target audience and their requirements, the better you understand what you lack in your business. 

This strategy can help you catch up better with local competitors and give you an edge over others.

Wrap Up

No matter whether you are a small-scale business or a tech giant, remote support can have a significant impact on your finances. From saving you a good amount of money to providing access to exceptional resources, outsourcing to virtual assistants is a great option.

Coming back to our virtual multilingual assistants, they are crucial if you are offering services overseas. They can significantly boost your business and help you foster long-term partnerships. If you feel that language barriers are limiting your global potential, reach out to us. 

We’ll connect you with multilingual assistants who will speak whatever language your clients do, all without breaking the bank. Contact now!

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