How a virtual assistant can help you build a healthy & efficient work environment

Here’s How You Can Build a Healthy & Efficient Workplace with Virtual Assistants

You sign up for multiple benefits when you hire a virtual assistant for your business. 

Firstly, you can access a talented pool of professionals from around the globe. This increases your chances of ending up with the best fit.

Virtual Assistants also bring flexibility in hours. You can cover multiple time zones if your business requires round-the-clock support. 

With VAs, you effectively decrease overhead costs associated with traditional hires. 

You don’t need conventional office space. VAs do not require other employee benefits either.

Virtual Assistants also significantly increase the scalability and adaptability of your businesses. As your needs evolve, your VAs can adapt with you. 

However, to achieve this, you must build a workspace that provides room for efficiency and productivity. We’ve compiled a list of ways you can do that. 

  • Keep Communication Clear

People usually try to keep emails and phone calls to a minimum. However, with VAs, these are the basis of your relationship. 

There are multiple ways to communicate with virtual assistants, but email and phone calls are the most effective. 

Especially when you first start working, ensure you confirm every detail over email or phone. At the start of each day, discuss the objectives for that day. 

This saves time and helps you understand each other’s respective working styles.

If you have issues with the VA, instead of waiting for complaints to line up, sort each one out immediately. 

Make sure your instructions for your VA are always clear and concise. Try to use separate messages for every delegated task. This reduces the risk of the VA missing important details or tasks. 

  • Shared Virtual Workspace

Another way to ensure that your relationship with the VA stays stress-free and productive is a shared workspace. This virtual workspace will allow proper organization and ensure that you and your VA are on the same page. 

This workspace must contain a file with your schedule and another with all important passwords. If the VA creates any more accounts, they can update the file. 

Sharing the updated files with passwords etc reduces lag time in case of urgent tasks. 

Keep a document with all the tasks. Notify the VA of any changes. The VA can update according to the status of each task. This document can be referred to in case of uninformed offs from either end. 

A virtual workspace provides ease, clarity, and peace of mind. 

  • Set Goals And Expectations 

Set realistic objectives for your project. It helps your VA prioritize and organize tasks accordingly. 

Remember to include your goals in the shared workspace.

Psychology suggests people are 42% more likely to achieve their goals when they take the time to write those goals down. Your VA can also track goals better this way.

Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 

  • Allow you to monitor your VA. 
  • Ensure that goals and objectives stay measurable
  • Make it easier to keep track of each task

Share your expectations for every project. Make sure to provide feedback when needed too. A project completed with your expectations in mind is more likely to meet your needs. 

  • Show Kindness

Treat your VAs with respect and kindness. 

Show appreciation for their work. A compliment here and there only motivates an employee to work harder. 

Consider rewarding your VA like you would any other employee. Allow time off if the need arises. If they’ve proven to be punctual and efficient, give extensions when they require. 

Rewarding them with new equipment or vouchers after a big project can also help to encourage a healthy workspace. 

  • Use Technology To Your Advantage 

In addition to your workspace, incorporate automation and modern tools to aid your VA. 

Project Management tools can be used to track work progress. Technology has made your work easier and simpler to manage. 

Keep your files secure with Google Drive. Use Asana for team projects and Trello for planning. 

These applications have made communication and management easier. Ease your workflow and access your updated projects from anywhere. 

Use automated tools to send out email reminders to your VA. This helps keep track of deadlines.

Hence, communication has been made easy due to technological advancements. To create a healthy workspace for your VA, it is essential to incorporate modern tools into your system. 

  • Delegate Tasks 

To keep your workspace productive, it is important to delegate tasks. 

Delegation allows organization and timely completion of tasks. It informs your VA of the priority of each task. Goals are easily achieved through effective delegation.

Delegating tasks makes it easier to track the status of each project. It also decreases the workload on individuals and increases productivity. When broken down into individual responsibilities, a project takes less time to complete. 

If your VA has an hourly rate, delegating tasks can save you money.

For example, if data is to be sorted according to time stamps, consider having a compiled file with dates to ease the workflow. 

This reduces the hours the VA spends, on the task, saving time and money. 

  • Set Boundaries 

Decide on the VA’s working hours and adhere to those.

It is not respectful or professional to seek the VA’s help outside those hours. Long working hours and working on weekends only foster unproductivity and resentment. 

Employees are not motivated to work for disrespectful employers. This may cause financial loss or you might lose your VA.

It doesn’t reflect well on the company image either. 

Similarly, remember your VA has a range of responsibilities. Do not ask more of them. 

A VA hired to schedule appointments must not be asked to fill in as a data entry operator (unless paid extra). 

Establishing and adhering to these boundaries is helpful to avoid workplace conflict. 

  • Deadlines 

Setting deadlines for each task and sharing them with your VAs, reduces the chances of conflict. 

Consider adding deadlines with each task when updating your workspace. This allows prioritization and keeps expectations clear. 

Most work delays and lags can easily be minimized by setting deadlines and sharing them throughout the team. 

To ensure your work process stays stress-free for your VA and you, implement strict rules regarding setting and achieving deadlines.

Remember to be lenient to your VA in case of occasional failure to meet deadlines. 


Virtual Assistants have significantly reduced workload and increased productivity in the workplace. To maximize productivity, it’s important to treat your VAs well.

A company that is respectful and encouraging motivates its VAs to work harder. Ensuring a productive and healthy workspace benefits your business and VA alike. 

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