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Drowning in outstanding Accounts Receivables? We’ll identify any leaks and ensure you receive full and timely payments!

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    Maximized Reimbursement, Minimized Stress

    Remote Collections Experts on the Way!

    • Revenue Cycle Understanding

      With deep knowledge of revenue cycle processes, we navigate effectively through patient access, billing, and collections

    • Benefit Plan Assistance

      Not only do we interpret EOBs and ERAs, but we also assist in understanding plans like HMO, POS, PPO, Medicare, Medi-Cal, TriCare, etc.

    • Coding Accuracy

      Our attention to detail ensures accurate coding, which is crucial for escalating appeals due to billing discrepancies.

    • Payment Arrangements

      For patients unable to pay immediately, our collectors establish considerate and feasible payment arrangements.

    • Appeal Initiatives

      We promptly initiate the appeal process for underpayments, meeting all time-sensitive requirements for reimbursement.

    Assertive, Not Aggressive!

    While aggressive moves can lose money, our assertive approach brings in funds through respectful interactions.

    Ethical Integrity

    Operating with honesty and ethics, our collectors uphold your practice's reputation.

    Stress Resilience

    Grace under pressure ensures effective, calm interactions in all circumstances.

    Conflict Resolution

    Skilled in resolving conflicts, we turn tense situations into agreeable solutions.

    Transforming receivables to received

    We streamlining your receivables

    Imagine a world where outstanding payments flow into your account effortlessly, transforming your financial worries into wins. That’s exactly what our virtual collection specialists strive for. 

    By identifying gaps in your accounts receivables process, we ensure that every dollar owed to you is paid in full and on time. 

    Our team works tirelessly to prevent your cash flow from getting choked by unpaid invoices, making sure your financial health remains robust. 

    With us, you’ll see your receivables turning into received funds smoothly, enhancing your peace of mind and business stability.

    Expertise in revenue cycle management

    Understanding the intricacies of the revenue cycle can feel like deciphering a complex maze. Our collection agents are equipped with deep knowledge and expertise to guide you through every step – from patient appointment, billing and coding to the final collections. 

    We simplify these processes for you, ensuring that your practice runs more efficiently and profitably. 

    Our approach is to eliminate confusion and delays in payments, making the entire cycle seamless and straightforward. 

    Partner with us to navigate your claims with ease, boosting your revenue and reducing operational stress.

    Making every process precise

    Precision in processing

    Accuracy in financial transactions is not just a goal; it’s the bedrock of trust and success. 

    Our meticulous approach ensures that every transaction is recorded and reported accurately, minimizing discrepancies and accelerating resolution times. 

    This precision is crucial for avoiding underpayments and delays, guaranteeing that your business receives the full revenue it’s due.

    With our attention to detail, your financial transactions are in safe hands, leading to a smoother, more reliable billing process across any industry.

    A synergy of compassion and commerce

    In the complex world of financial transactions, our strategy goes beyond just sending reminders and making agreements. 

    We’re leading the way in creating positive payment experiences that respect your clients’ dignity and protect your business’s financial health. 

    Our team uses a blend of good negotiation skills and we come up with payment plans that are kind and workable for both parties. This approach not only keeps your cash flow steady but also helps you build a base of loyal customers. 

    By focusing on positive interactions, we change the often negative view of the collections process into a chance to strengthen relationships and improve how people see your brand. 

    Hire a virtual collections specialist at Virtual Mojoe with ease and make collections a positive part of your customer’s journey.

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    The team's approach to collections has transformed our financial health, blending empathy with efficiency. Truly exceptional service!

    Dr. Richards

    Outstanding results! Their tactful negotiation and genuine respect for clients have remarkably improved our collections process.

    Samuel Perez

    Impressed by the professionalism and results. Our accounts receivables have never been better managed. Highly recommend their services!

    Janet G.