10 ways virtual HR managers can speed up talent acquisition

10 Ways You Can Speed Up Talent Acquisition for Your Business

Hiring the right people on time is key for any business that wants to stay ahead. But how do you speed up getting great team members without cutting corners?

They could be the linchpin to achieving your business goals or introducing creative strategies. But if you’re rushing, you can easily hire a misfit. 

In the US, the average hiring cost per employee ranges from $7,500 to $28,000. And losing an employee or bringing the wrong resource on board means a big blow to team morale and financial resources. 

Here’s when implementing a robust talent acquisition strategy comes into the picture. In this article, we present some fresh, workable ideas to help you find and hire top talent faster: 

Partner With an Agency

When hiring, everyone wants a pitch-perfect hire. The hire needs to be an expert, fit the team, and understand the work culture from day one.

These “unicorns” are often passive candidates. As they’re not actively seeking jobs, recruiters must proactively build relationships with them.

However, recruiters are unlikely to have connections with a global network.

Hiring a talent acquisition agency accelerates the hiring process. 

By hiring an agency with the right tools and insights, organizations can enhance their talent acquisition efforts and secure top talent. 

Consider Virtual Mojoe, a virtual staffing company. We provide virtual resources as well as hr virtual assistant for hire. Our global pool of resources is your next big tool to find the right talent.

Moreover, we make hiring easier for you no matter what resource you want, from wherever you want! 

Write Thorough Job Descriptions

Job descriptions that are clear and elaborate speeds up attracting top talent for your company.

By highlighting the job’s responsibilities and tweaking your description to perfection, you can quickly attract the talent pool you’re seeking.

Differentiate yourself and appeal to potential hires by including perks and benefits.

When your job descriptions accurately reflect the role and showcase what makes your organization an employer of choice, it is easier to acquire qualified candidates who are the right fit for the job.

Ask Your Network

Networking for candidates is the oldest trick in the book. Consistent networking ensures you always have potential candidates in mind. 

It saves time in the initial stages of talent acquisition. Another great way is to utilize your employees’ networks by offering referral bonus programs. 

According to LinkedIn, employee referrals are highly effective. 88% of major employers cite them as the best source of above-average candidates. 

Additionally, referrals lead to higher productivity and a 30% higher retention rate, making them a valuable resource for finding top talent.

Employ An Application Tracking System (ATS)

Automating your hiring process and employing an application tracking system is one main recruitment process step.

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) manages mundane tasks for you. It allows you to prioritize people in the hiring process. 

An ATS offers numerous benefits, including:

  • A branded careers page
  • Automatic job postings
  • Candidate keyword search and filtering
  • Automated workflows for task management
  • A collaboration hub for the hiring team
  • Email and offer letter templates that populate candidate and job information automatically. 

By implementing an ATS, you can ensure a faster and more organized hiring process, enabling your team to focus on selecting the best candidates for the job.

Set Goals with the Recruiters

The best way to hire employees in-house is establishing a clear hiring timeline with your team, including the hiring manager. 

Outline key milestones and set deadlines to ensure everyone knows what needs to happen and when. Consider setting shared timeline goals to make sure you’re never behind schedule.

By setting goals, you can maintain momentum and ensure a timely and efficient recruitment process from start to finish.

Screen Candidates ASAP!

Instead of waiting for a flood of applications, consider screening candidates as they apply. 

This proactive approach saves time and prevents you from being overwhelmed by a backlog of applications later.

As soon as an application is received, review it, conduct background checks, and assess qualifications. 

By screening candidates as they apply, you can quickly eliminate unqualified applicants and focus on identifying top candidates without delay. 

This efficient process expedites the hiring timeline.

Allow Easy Applications

Review the length and usability of your employment application regularly.

Candidates are often applying via mobile devices and social media. Your career page and application should be mobile-friendly to accommodate this trend.

Simplify your application process by including only important information. 

For example, you can request references later once you’ve identified potential candidates. 

Time-consuming applications deter candidates from completing the process, leading to drop-offs. A smoother experience for candidates increases the likelihood of attracting qualified applicants.


One of the best global talent acquisition strategies is to keep your pool of candidates diverse.

The importance of inclusivity cannot be overstated. Diverse teams routinely outperform non-diverse ones. 

Gender-based and ethnic diversity are both essential to ensure you end up with the perfect hire, quickly. 

Biases against a particular gender or ethnicity will only make your hiring process harder and slower.

Promote Internally

Promote all your openings internally.

Usually, companies have the talent onboard already. You just need to single these people out.


  • Promoting career changes
  • Providing learning opportunities
  • Encouraging skill development

Internal mobility makes hiring faster and more efficient. 

Engage All Stakeholders

To enhance your recruitment process, identify key stakeholders involved at each stage.

Recruiters, HR, hiring managers, the team, and candidates should all be in the loop.

Maintain regular communication with all parties to keep them informed of developments and any delays that may occur.

Reassess responsibilities when needed.

Additionally, provide individual attention to candidates, especially during interviews, to make them feel valued and at ease. A personalized approach betters the candidate experience.

They’re likely to commit to the process. After all, behind every application is a person seeking opportunity. Companies can employ these best ways to hire new employees and make their hiring process fast and effective. 

Following the steps outlined above, your company can have an edge over others when looking to acquire new talent.

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